The Benefits of Biking

We have heard time and again of the health benefits of biking regularly. Although it may get so tiring at first, you will surely gain a lot more advantages when you start this biking habit. Cities like Seattle and NYC have given incentives to people who choose to bike instead of using their car. That’s a lot of motivation there to get you pumped up and start a biking habit.

Cycling around Central ParkHere are some of the perks you can get from riding a bike:

1. Lose excess body fats and weight

And this is undoubtedly a good news especially for those who are struggling to shed off those extra pounds. Imagine losing weight while enjoying your ‘exercise?’ Since biking requires the coordination of your whole body to be able to drive, you will sweat a lot, and you are going to burn a lot of calories. Even if it’s just a leisure biking, you can still burn calories for just 30 minutes of pedaling and enjoying the sights during a Central Park tour.

2. It helps build muscles

There is no doubt that you are building your muscles while biking. While you are pedaling, you are using your gluteus muscles in the butt as well as the quadriceps in the thighs and your muscles in the calves. You are making these muscles stronger and firmer.

3. You can sleep sound and deep

When you bike at night, it is a surefire way to make you fall asleep faster and deeply at night. Since you will feel tired while biking, when you go home, it will just be easier for you to fall asleep. Some doctors even recommend biking for their insomniac patients due to its effectivity in making them fall asleep faster and sounder after the activity.

4. It makes you smarter

Cycling does a lot for your brain than any other physical activities. Biking helps build new brain cells especially in the hippocampus which is the region for memory. Furthermore, cycling helps boost the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain which eventually results in regeneration of receptors. Thus, your mind becomes more active and can have an improved memory.

5. It is good for the heart

Good for the heart when you exercise using the bikeAnd we meant here physical and emotional as well. When you do regular biking, you can avoid and fight cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. It improves your heart and helps the circulation of blood all over the body. Furthermore, it strengthens the heart muscles, decreases the fat levels, and lower the resting pulse. Biking also helps the lungs breathe easier function properly.