As technology keeps on upgrading and innovating to keep in touch with everyone’s needs, so does the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.

Keeping in touch with the SEO landscapeSEO is a new breed of online marketing strategy that even esteemed Wharton Business School acknowledged the need to arrange a course for it. No doubt, it has taken the world by storm because of its effectivity. Imagine, even a two-year-old website can get to the top of Google searches just with a few SEO tweaks and updates as proven by Break The Web New York City. The power of SEO cannot be underestimated, and so it is understandable as to why so many online entrepreneurs integrate SEO tricks into their sites with the guidance of industry experts like Jason Berkowitz.

But just as to how quick technology keeps on changing, so does SEO tricks that work. SEO strategies that work in 2016 will most likely not work for 2017. And what works last month may not work for the following month. SEO professionals, therefore, must always be on their toes to be able to develop effective strategies for their clients.

For example, in the past, publishing bogus websites that backlink to your main sites to increase traffic may have worked for several years. But a big crackdown has since been made by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. What has been working before is now illegal; although with a bit of strategy, some companies are still able to get through the system. With the increased sophistication of search engines, it is not surprising when yet another crackdown will be done on this back-linking strategy.

With now less than two months up until the arrival of 2018, what SEO trends should we watch for this coming year? Here are some SEO strategies that are foreseen to take over in 2018:

1. The increased usage of voice search

Wider use of voice searchType searches still dominate search engine websites, but there’s an increasing trend of voice searches being made. It is not surprising given that more and more people are getting more dependent on Alexa and Siri, Amazon and Apple’s digital assistants respectively. If websites can include voice search keywords in their platforms, then it would be better for their SEO rankings as this allows for more inclusion for more users.

2. The need for quality backlinks

Linking to an authority neighborhoodGone are the days when websites could backlink just any page (with permission, hopefully) in the hopes of increasing traffic. However, if quantity ruled the SEO world before, quality will now be a top priority. Search engines will be smarter with sifting through the quality of every website’s backlinks, with those with high-quality links getting the opportunity to gain high search spot. It is, therefore, going to be a challenge for websites to foster good partnerships not only with any other website but only with reputable sites. And of course, relations with big brands almost always come with a price.

These are the two top SEO trends foreseen to take over 2018, and it is up to online entrepreneurs on how they are going to take advantage of these changes. SEO must be used to complement great content, product and services; and so, the focus must not only be on SEO strategies, but also on what the company can offer potential customers.

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