Cooking Shortcuts You Need in Your Life Right Now

Cooking can be a pain if you don’t have time for it, or if you simply don’t enjoy it. There is a good reason why many people like eating out or eating off a package: it is easy, hassle-free, and you still get to eat, right? However, health-wise, it is always better to eat at home and to cook your meals. It is because you get to choose the ingredients that you want to use, and you get to see the cooking process.

Shopping for healthy and fresh ingredients can be a tedious choreOne problem with eating out is you don’t get to be aware of what you are putting in your body. So, it is as if you are turning a blind eye to your health. Of course, anyone would want to take charge of their bodies and health, so to know exactly what you are putting in your body is essential. To do that, you need to learn how to appreciate cooking at home.

If you are strapped for time due to work, study, or personal reasons, then you have no reason to worry. Many busy people like you have started innovating on cooking hacks to save them time in the kitchen. In fact, if you type in “cooking shortcut” or “cooking hack” on a search engine, you will see thousands of results. It shows the demand for this type of cooking, given the busy lifestyles that people take. Or, to save time from shopping and overthinking about ingredients and recipes, an upsurge of meal kit delivery services (Sun Basket, review of the menu)  are getting popular. With all the right ingredients and even the recipes delivered, cooking will just be a breeze.

Here are cooking shortcuts that you need in your life right now, to help you appreciate better the art and science of cooking:

Buying food in bulk can save you money1. Prepare in bulk then pack in sizeable portions

Buying in bulk is cheaper and is less of a hassle for you, saving you the need to go on many grocery trips. Preparation of ingredients takes a chunk of any cooking process, and it often discourages people from picking up cooking. However, if you buy and prepare in bulk, you get to do everything in just one go.

For example, you may want to prepare in bulk chicken and rice for the week. You can bake the whole chicken and steam rice that’s good for one week. After this, you can group them according to the recipes that you intend to have them in. Place them in containers or re-sealable bags, then freeze them. Should you need them during the week, you can simply open your fridge and get what you need for the recipe.

Many swear by this hack, and it has saved people a lot of time. What’s great, as well, is it got to encourage people to pick up cooking.

2. Prepare your sauces ahead

From the previous example, you already have chicken and rice in place. So now, if you have sauces in the picture, you can already pull off a great meal that your family and friends will enjoy.
Sauces can be time-consuming to make, so it is best to prepare them ahead of time. You can do this on the weekend so that you can prepare everything for the week ahead. You can make sauces in bulk, and then freeze them. You can just pop them out of the fridge and reheat as needed.

As for vegetables, many cooking hacks teach you how to prepare them in advance so you can use them as you go. However, it is still best to enjoy them fresh, so you get to savor its nutrients to the fullest.

You don’t need to get stressed out with cooking. Just learn a few tweaks, and practice them every day, so cooking eventually gets natural to you.

Vegan Skincare: What Is the Hype About?

Gone are the days when the term ‘vegan’ was only associated with diet. Nowadays, the vegan can also be used for skin care. And yes, there is such a thing as ‘vegan skincare.’

All-natural cucumber tonerSo what is Vegan Skin Care?

According to experts in the skin care industry, vegan skin care refers to beauty and skin products which were created without using ingredients from animals or animal byproducts. These products are mainly favored by those people who are against animal cruelty or those killing animals just to manufacture something. However, skin care experts say that we should not confuse vegan with cruelty-free products. They said that there are cruelty-free products which still make use of animal by-products such as milk, honey, and lanolin. When you say vegan, it means there is not even a hint of the animal part in manufacturing the said product.

These vegan skin care products are rapidly gaining popularity among dermatologists and skin care experts, as well as those who are supporting environmental and animal causes. Dermatologists favor these vegan products because they are natural and minimal, like the Korean trending 10-step process: Furthermore, it nourishes the skin instead of cause irritation, which other skin products do. Moreover, vegan products are perfect for all skin types and won’t cause any harm even to sensitive skin.

Additionally, vegan skin care products contain more minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that help repair damaged skin and hydrate it as well. Unlike other usual products, the vegan produce doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, and toxins that can potentially harm the skin over time.

One of the top benefits of using vegan products is that it is appropriate for all skin types. These products don’t use animal testing and only contains natural and organic ingredients which are proven gentle on the skin. They don’t have harsh artificial chemical elements usually found in commercial products.

Cosmetics without animal testingAnother essential benefit of vegan skin care product is its useful anti-aging factor. It is said that vegan products can provide the best anti-aging skin care results. It is because of the powerful combination of all-natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts which help regenerate and restore the skin and eventually helps make it glow.


The Benefits of Biking

We have heard time and again of the health benefits of biking regularly. Although it may get so tiring at first, you will surely gain a lot more advantages when you start this biking habit. Cities like Seattle and NYC have given incentives to people who choose to bike instead of using their car. That’s a lot of motivation there to get you pumped up and start a biking habit.

Cycling around Central ParkHere are some of the perks you can get from riding a bike:

1. Lose excess body fats and weight

And this is undoubtedly a good news especially for those who are struggling to shed off those extra pounds. Imagine losing weight while enjoying your ‘exercise?’ Since biking requires the coordination of your whole body to be able to drive, you will sweat a lot, and you are going to burn a lot of calories. Even if it’s just a leisure biking, you can still burn calories for just 30 minutes of pedaling and enjoying the sights during a Central Park tour.

2. It helps build muscles

There is no doubt that you are building your muscles while biking. While you are pedaling, you are using your gluteus muscles in the butt as well as the quadriceps in the thighs and your muscles in the calves. You are making these muscles stronger and firmer.

3. You can sleep sound and deep

When you bike at night, it is a surefire way to make you fall asleep faster and deeply at night. Since you will feel tired while biking, when you go home, it will just be easier for you to fall asleep. Some doctors even recommend biking for their insomniac patients due to its effectivity in making them fall asleep faster and sounder after the activity.

4. It makes you smarter

Cycling does a lot for your brain than any other physical activities. Biking helps build new brain cells especially in the hippocampus which is the region for memory. Furthermore, cycling helps boost the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain which eventually results in regeneration of receptors. Thus, your mind becomes more active and can have an improved memory.

5. It is good for the heart

Good for the heart when you exercise using the bikeAnd we meant here physical and emotional as well. When you do regular biking, you can avoid and fight cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. It improves your heart and helps the circulation of blood all over the body. Furthermore, it strengthens the heart muscles, decreases the fat levels, and lower the resting pulse. Biking also helps the lungs breathe easier function properly.