Cooking can be a pain if you don’t have time for it, or if you simply don’t enjoy it. There is a good reason why many people like eating out or eating off a package: it is easy, hassle-free, and you still get to eat, right? However, health-wise, it is always better to eat at home and to cook your meals. It is because you get to choose the ingredients that you want to use, and you get to see the cooking process.

Shopping for healthy and fresh ingredients can be a tedious choreOne problem with eating out is you don’t get to be aware of what you are putting in your body. So, it is as if you are turning a blind eye to your health. Of course, anyone would want to take charge of their bodies and health, so to know exactly what you are putting in your body is essential. To do that, you need to learn how to appreciate cooking at home.

If you are strapped for time due to work, study, or personal reasons, then you have no reason to worry. Many busy people like you have started innovating on cooking hacks to save them time in the kitchen. In fact, if you type in “cooking shortcut” or “cooking hack” on a search engine, you will see thousands of results. It shows the demand for this type of cooking, given the busy lifestyles that people take. Or, to save time from shopping and overthinking about ingredients and recipes, an upsurge of meal kit delivery services (Sun Basket, review of the menu)  are getting popular. With all the right ingredients and even the recipes delivered, cooking will just be a breeze.

Here are cooking shortcuts that you need in your life right now, to help you appreciate better the art and science of cooking:

Buying food in bulk can save you money1. Prepare in bulk then pack in sizeable portions

Buying in bulk is cheaper and is less of a hassle for you, saving you the need to go on many grocery trips. Preparation of ingredients takes a chunk of any cooking process, and it often discourages people from picking up cooking. However, if you buy and prepare in bulk, you get to do everything in just one go.

For example, you may want to prepare in bulk chicken and rice for the week. You can bake the whole chicken and steam rice that’s good for one week. After this, you can group them according to the recipes that you intend to have them in. Place them in containers or re-sealable bags, then freeze them. Should you need them during the week, you can simply open your fridge and get what you need for the recipe.

Many swear by this hack, and it has saved people a lot of time. What’s great, as well, is it got to encourage people to pick up cooking.

2. Prepare your sauces ahead

From the previous example, you already have chicken and rice in place. So now, if you have sauces in the picture, you can already pull off a great meal that your family and friends will enjoy.
Sauces can be time-consuming to make, so it is best to prepare them ahead of time. You can do this on the weekend so that you can prepare everything for the week ahead. You can make sauces in bulk, and then freeze them. You can just pop them out of the fridge and reheat as needed.

As for vegetables, many cooking hacks teach you how to prepare them in advance so you can use them as you go. However, it is still best to enjoy them fresh, so you get to savor its nutrients to the fullest.

You don’t need to get stressed out with cooking. Just learn a few tweaks, and practice them every day, so cooking eventually gets natural to you.

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