Sustainability Perspectives is an initiative of Fujitsu.

The stories told on on this website highlight the challenges and opportunities arising from core trends and developments in the technology sector. Each story featured on Sustainability Perspectives are derived from people in Fujitsu’s global network with real experiences and relevant expertise.

To help you navigate the complex issues surrounding ICT sustainability, Fujitsu has developed Sustainability Perspectives. It’s an evolving online hub of articles, thought leadership, case studies and best practice examples covering a broad range of topics relating to ICT sustainability.

This comprehensive content will be useful for organizations wishing to improve the sustainability of their ICT and to better understand how ICT might enable them to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Fujitsu also understands that ICT sustainability must align with an organization’s overall objectives and support business growth. In this vein, we also explore the potential return on investment you can achieve by using ICT to improve energy efficiency and automate business processes.

Written by Fujitsu’s global sustainability experts, the content is a mix of fact and opinion. It includes case studies and insights from our direct experience as a company and in working with customers. Ultimately, we aim to provide information that is accurate and practical. The content is broad rather than deep, so we’ve also included references and links to help you find more detailed information.

Fujitsu proudly declares that:

Balancing economic, social, and environmental sustainability presents both challenges and opportunities for modern-day businesses. Fujitsu can help organizations to use their ICT innovatively to optimize and deliver resource and energy efficiency. Fujitsu’s ICT solutions deliver real value through enablement, in such diverse areas as Agriculture, Healthcare, Smart Cities and Manufacturing. Our innovative approach allows organizations around the world to gain a business advantage as well as a lead in social responsibility.